Are the shoes authentic?

Yes, all shoes are purchased directly from their online websites at full price (example: Air Force 1s are purchased from Nike's website). We then add our own customizations to the shoes!

Can I cancel, exchange, or return my order?

Unfortunately, we do not accept any cancellations, exchanges, or returns for orders. Since we customize shoes and apparel to order, we are customizing this item specifically for you, which means once you place the order, we start working on it immediately. We are unable to return shoes with marks and customizations.

I never received a confirmation, what can I do?

Please reach out to us via the Contact Us form listed above with all the requested information and we'll help you! Sometimes, customers make small errors or typos when entering their emails, so we can correct that and resend the confirmation!

I made a mistake in my email, shipping address, and/or other information, can I update it?

We are always able to update your name, email, and phone number on file, just contact us via the form! If we haven't shipped out your order yet, we can fix the shipping address too! But if we've already shipped your order, unfortunately we are unable to fix it because it would be too late. In this case, if the package doesn't arrive to you, we will wait for it to be returned to sender. You will have to pay an the additional cost for us to reship it to the correct address! We are not responsible if the package gets lost due to an incorrect address input, however, we will try our best to help you find your package!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but we don't offer free international shipments. We only offer free shipping in the United States.

How much does shipping cost?

For orders placed in the United States, shipping is free! For international orders, shipping varies. To check how much international shipping costs for you, add the item or items you want to purchase to your cart. Once you enter your shipping address, the shipping price will automatically calculate for you at check out! (IMPORTANT: We​ are not responsible for any customs, duties, and taxes applied to your order. All fees imposed during or after shipping are the responsibility of the customer)

How long does shipping take?

Processing for ALL items will take 3-8 weeks due to high demand and large order volumes. This could increase depending on the number of orders we receive. Please be prepared for longer wait times! After processing is complete, and it will take an additional number of days for the order to ship to you, the estimates are listed below. U.S. Customers: 3-5 Day Shipping through USPS + 3-8 Weeks Turnaround Time International Customers: 6-10 Shipping through USPS + 3-8 Weeks Turnaround Time

Why does processing take so long?

At the moment, we receive a large number of orders. Since everything is customized by hand, each pair of shoes can take anywhere from 2-4 hours. To ensure our customers receive the best quality items, we need time to perfect the customizations, so processing is 3-8 weeks depending on how many orders we receive!

Are prices in USD$?

Yes, we are based in California and all of our prices are listed in USD$. If you'd like to convert the price to another currency, click the drop down list in the upper right corner and choose the currency you're purchasing in. Don't see your currency? Contact us and we will add it to the list!

Do you take personal customization requests?

At the moment, we do! If you're interested in a price quote for a request, contact us in the form with the design you're interested in, type of shoe, shoe size, and any other necessary information. We will let you know if we're able to make the shoe for you and send a quote for an estimated price! Not all requests are guaranteed. We will not make any customizations with inappropriate or harmful requests, or with any copyrighted or trademarked designs.

I have some feedback, ideas for a design, etc! Can I submit that to you?

Yes, you can! Just reach out in the contact us form! We will not reply to all feedback, thank you.

Will the design come off your shoes? Is your paint durable and waterproof?

The paint and dye we use is designed specifically for shoes, meaning it is pretty durable and long-lasting! We also prepare our shoes very well before customizing, and use a sealant on top. Both the paint and the sealant are waterproof. As with any other shoe, the longer you use them, the more they will wear. If you take care of the shoes, they should last a long time! Please be aware that since these are customized, we suggest that you wear them lightly - avoid wearing your shoes in areas where they can easily damage, such as hiking spots or rocky places. Please also keep them away from acetone. Treat them like collector shoes :)

What is Linestelle San Francisco?

Linestelle San Francisco is a custom shoe business that started in 2019. We have branched out to apparel as well, and plan to continue growing the business!

I have a question that isn't listed here, how can you help?

Contact us with any other questions or email us at

Are you affiliated with any other brand?

No. All items we sell are not affiliated with any other brand. In regards to Nike shoe customizations, we are NOT affiliated with Nike. We legally purchase the shoe at full price and then customize it. By purchasing from us, you are aware that the Nike warranty is NOT included because we have voided that warranty by customizing the shoe and selling it to you from Linestelle San Francisco. This site is not affiliated with any other brand and we are not attempting to sell items as another brand. All items are sold by Linestelle San Francisco.

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